Obesity-Related Research

Defining Adult Overweight and Obesity
Source: CDC
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a federal agency with the goal to improve the overall public health in the United States, by promoting activities and health education.

A History of Obesity, or How What Was Good Became Ugly and Then Bad
Source: Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease
This article describes the historical roots of obesity as a chronic disease. The authors also described the relations between obesity with other chronic conditions throughout the times.

Overweight & Obesity Statistics
Source: NIH
The NIDDK is part of the NIH and focuses its research on diabetes and kidney diseases. By providing funding for research and health information in different chronic disease.

Diabetes-Related Research

Understanding Pre-Type 1 Diabetes: The Key to Prevention
Source: Frontiers in Endocrinology
Article published in the journal Frontiers of Endocrinology, summarizing research on pre-type 1 diabetes.

Heart Disease Related Research

History of Heart Attack, Diagnosis, and Understanding
Source: University of Minnesota
This is an article written by the University of Minnesota staff regarding the history of how heart disease has been diagnosed and treated. We were only able to produce a small section here, but we encourage you to check out their full article.

About Heart Disease
Source: CDC
This is the link to the Center for disease control article on heart disease including all related conditions. This article is a good source for learning more about this complicated problem with prevention methods and explanations.

Cardiovascular Disease in Hispanics/Latinos in the United States
Source: Journal of Latina/o Psychology
This is a link to an online paper published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It is a long read but is a great source if you want to learn more about how heart disease affects the Hispanic community.

HIV/AIDS-Related Research